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How It Works

8 Weeks To Fit is an outdoor group fitness and wellbeing program created exclusively for women. Our program is designed to help our clients achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind, in safe, fun, accessible and non-intimidating setting.

Days and session times

8 Weeks To Fit - Main
Monday 6.30pm 
Tuesday 6.30pm
Wednesday 6.00am 
Thursday 6.30pm
Friday 6.00am  
Saturday 6.45am 
Location: Glenelg (outdoors), Henley Beach (indoors)

8 Weeks To Fit - SuperMums
Tuesday 9.30am
Wednesday 9.30am 
Thursday 9.30am 
Friday 9.30am 
Location: Summer: Torrensville (outdoors), Winter: Everald Park (Indoors)

All workouts are 45-60 mins and for women of all ages and fitness levels – beginners welcome!

How It Works

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How It Works

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How It Works

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Our Packages

Our mission is to give every girl who completes our program the self-esteem that she deserves, and help her achieve the mind and body that will make her healthy! The 8 Weeks To Fit is a 8 week challenge involving group fitness sessions conducted by multiple qualified personal trainers. So everyone can participate, no matter what their budget or schedule is, the 8 Weeks To Fit offers 3 differently priced packages as well as dozens of locations for your convenience. You can do our Kick Start package with 3 sessions a week, our Ultimate package with 6 sessions a week or our Platinum package also with 6 sessions a week. The prices range from $29.95 a week to $50 a week depending on your goals and personal preference. The sessions alternate between morning and evening times for variety. An average personal training session at your local gym might cost you up to $80 per hour. The 8 Weeks To Fit 8 Week Challenge can offer 3-6 sessions per week, with you never paying more than $14 per session.